New Media Division

We are excited to add a new division to Swanson Agencies…

This new division of Swanson Agencies has come about as a result of combining years of sales and marketing experience into providing this new service to help you and your business get more exposure using the power of video.

With today’s fast pace society and the proliferation of video for just about everything, it is time for you to consider using video to get your message to the masses. Yes, you can do it yourself right off your phone or you can have it professionally done by us with proper lighting, multiple cameras, audio, music, graphics, scripting and editing. This is a skill set that WILL get you results.

Furthermore, we can provide you top performance SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to keep you on top of the internet searches and social media.

Check out some examples of videos we have created below.

For further information, give us a shout at 1 604 290-3118 or drop us a line at